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Here’s a collection of plant-based, endo-friendly food blogs and cookbooks and the wonderful woman behind them:

  1. This Endo Life

Jessica Duffin of This Endo Life is a woman’s health coach who has dedicated her life to learning how to live well with endometriosis as well as other conditions. She manages her symptoms with nutrition and a balanced lifestyle.

Her recipes are focused on whole foods and nutrient dense produce and they are fairly straightforward to prepare. She shares the healing benefits of her chosen ingredients. I love that she is budget-conscious.

She has a ton of fantastic warm beverage recipes that are very helpful to try if you are considering giving up or reducing your caffeine intake.

Jessica has a podcast, This Endo Life, that features countless episodes and guests with advice and suggestions to help soothe and manage endo.

This EndoLife CookBook.

2. One Part Plant

Jessica Murnane is the incredible woman behind One Part Plant. She has endometriosis and created recipes and a cookbook when she was transitioning from the usual American diet to a plant-based diet. She has a very healthy and balanced approach to managing life and endo (in my opinion) and I appreciate her wisdom and the guests she invites onto her One Part Podcast. I’ve learned a ton about hormonal and reproductive health as well as other mindfulness and wellness topics.

She is also the creator of Know Your Endo, a platform dedicated to endo awareness, education, and support.

Both Jessica’s are illuminating voices in the endo community.

3. Downshiftology

Lisa is a Vitamix Queen! Her blog is focused on healing and keeping the body healthy with nutritious eating. Lisa was diagnosed with several autoimmune diseases and endometriosis many years ago and started to make changes. She changed her lifestyle and became a certified health coach. She createted Downshiftology to help others figure out their path to balanced eating.

I love her tips for meal prepping and how simple and flavorful her recipes are.

4. The Glowing Fridge

Shannon of The Glowing Fridge is a Certified Hormone Specialist. She created plant-based recipes based on how to best support the body each week of a woman’s cycle. She was inspired to develop this after reading Woman Code: Perfect Your Cycle, Amplify Your Fertility, Supercharge Your Sex Drive, and Become a Power Source by Alexis Vitti which breaks down what a woman is experiencing throughout the month as a result of her cycle. Shannon was inspired and developed many recipes that build off of Alexis Vitti’s research on how to best support your cycle.

5. Making Thyme for Health

Sarah shares seasonal vegetarian recipes that are really delicious and health-conscious. I love her creations. She became a vegetarian when studying health care sciences and seeing how much nutrition can contribute to illnesses and diseases.

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