Endo Girl is a short documentary film by Australian filmmaker Sophia Bender. Sophia captures the stories of thirteen women who suffer from endometriosis and portrays what it is like to experience the condition through dance.

I watched Sophia’s documentary with tears in my eyes. I was taken by these women’s stories and the significant ways endometriosis has impacted their life. It is striking to hear the number of years before they learned of their diagnosis and the number of surgeries they’ve had, as well as the number of disruptions it causes to their life. It’s magnetized when you consider the great number of other women out there who are suffering in similar ways.

It was powerful to see the anguish that endometriosis causes represented through movement. It was a visceral experience to watch endometriosis portrayed on screen in a sensual and expressive way. Sometimes words are not enough to capture what it is like as it is an incredibly multifaceted condition.

I encourage everyone to watch and to bear witness to these women and what they’ve shared in hopes of better understanding what life is like for womxn with endometriosis and what we go through.

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